Docs / Vote-Oriented

What is Vote-Oriented

Vote-Oriented is an original Taichia concept. For DAOs registered on Taichia, they are ruled by voting. Every critical change of a DAO needs the DAO members to approve the proposal. Vote-Oriented is the primary principle of how Taichia designs different services and organizes them.

Why focus on Vote

Compared to the "Code is Law" we prefer the "Vote is Law" since asking all DAO members to understand a DAO's code before voting is impractical. Therefore we transformed the code changes into configuration changes. All DAO members can easily understand the actual changes in the proposal by checking a list of key-value pairs. Taichia will apply the metadata change if the proposal is accepted. If the DAO integrated their code into the Taichia, no code change or deployment is needed to change the business behavior.