Docs / What is Taichia

Why I need to integrate my DAO?

In order to leverage the Taichia voting service, your need to integrate your DAO into Taichia. Here are the benefits of integration.
  • Decoupled the DAO development and operating. DAO members just need to review the code of new features once before the voting. They don't need to review code changes for adjusting existing business logic.
  • For adjusting existing business logic, DAO members can rely on the voting service. No code change or deployment is required. After the proposal is accepted and applied by the DAO community, the DAO behavior will change automatically.
  • The integration will provide more decentralization and autonomy to your DAO. By reducing the code changes, your DAO will have fewer human mistakes and risks

How to integrate my DAO?


  • The feature of a DAO should be designed in a modularized style. DAO members can use the voting service to decide which module should be enabled and what are the parameters for that module.
  • Your DAO is registered on the Taichia platform.
  • You have access of a synced Chia full node.


For more details please check our DAO integration demo on the Github.
1. Determine which parameters you want to control by voting.
2. Create a new metadata set on Taichia or add those parameters into an existing metadata set by voting.
3. If you created a new metadata set with new parameters, your need to create a proposal for adding the new metadata set to your DAO metadata tree.
4. Since Taichia will persist your metadata on the Chia blockchain. You should be able to read them through a synced full node in your DAO code.