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Host your DAO on the world most decentralized and environment-friendly nakamoto consensus blockchain with various services.


DAO Owner

Create and manage your DAO with our all-in-one solution. Paying fewer fees to acquire more decentralization.


Explore the world of DAOs. Invest and join the DAO you are interested in. Vote for the future of your DAOs.


Contribute code to the DAO you are interested in for earning XCH and governance tokens.

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Our Solution

Register your DAO on the blockchain

Register the metadata and application configuration of your DAO on-chain. Integrate them into your DAO to decouple the development and management.

  • Unique address for tracking changes of metadata

  • Access your metadata from anywhere, anytime

  • Unlock more powerful services


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Why Taichia

Dual-Key Protection

DAO is protected by two private keys, one owned by the DAO commnuity, one owned by the Taichia. Unless both key lost at the same time, your DAO will be safe.

DAO Integration

Integrate your DAO code with our innovative voting solution. You can change the business behavior by voting without any coding.


Like cloud computing platforms, we only charge based on your usage. You don’t need to worry about any hidden fee since you need to pay XCH before using the service

More decentralization, More security
No more tedious user sign on process, just connect your wallet and try our services. All services are based on blockchain smart programs. They are transparent and auditable to everyone.

Our Roadmap

Service Pricing

* The price may change in real-time depends on the XCH-USD price and other factors

DAO Registration



Register your DAO to access more powerful features.

Donation Service


% / Project

Create a donation project to fund your DAO and issue tokens to your donors.

Vote Service


XCH / Proposal

Create a proposal for any change of your DAO and vote for your decision.

Metadata Service


XCH / Set

Create metadata set for your DAO to manage the business appropriately.

Payroll Service


Distribute the income of your DAO to your stakeholders in a custody way.

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