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What is Taichia?

Taichia is the first DAO as a Service platform on the Chia blockchain. It provides various services for DAO builders and communities to build and manage their DAO more autonomously and more easily. It is designed and developed on a new concept called vote-oriented. None of the services provided by the Taichia is centralized or "local". They are all auditable and protected by on-chain programs.
In short, it likes the Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the Web3 world.

Pain points of DAO

Lack of Decentralization

The extent of decentralization is one major factor that determines the value ceiling of a DAO. After researched current DAOs, we found most of them have a poor decentralization because of the following reasons.
  • DAOs integrate with a low decentralization blockchain or don't rely on any blockchain at all. The operating conditions are not transparent and are ruled by blockchain programs.
  • DAO members don't have any control of the DAO. The DAO is controlled by a small group of people. The voting process is not built on the blockchain and can be manipulated by DAO administrators.

Lack of Autonomy

Ironically, most DAOs are not autonomous at all. There are many aspects that need humans involved. Even though some DAOs developed a dedicated system, it's impractical to ask every DAO member to understand the code changes before they vote.
We noticed this is because DAO development is coupled with operating. Unfortunately, there isn't a good solution for developing a DAO autonomously. But we can make the DAO operating become fully autonomous.

Redundant Development

DAO builders have to develop redundant infrastructures like voting, income distribution, swap pool, etc. Every DAO has its own implementation that may not have good quality and security. Even more, DAOs have to operate these infrastructures by themselves. All these redundant works increased the cost of building and operating a DAO.

Third-party Regulation

Unless a DAO doesn't have administrators or managers, a third-party regulation is required. It is impossible to limit the power of DAO administrators by any technology. Similar to the famous blockchain trilemma, there is a trilemma in the DAO world too. A third-party platform ensures the DAO administrators cannot make any critical change without DAO members' voting. Without a DAO plaform, the decentralization and autonomy of a DAO will collapse.

Our missions

  • Simplify the process of building a DAO and remove technical barriers
  • Reduce the operating cost of DAOs
  • Provide additional security protection to DAOs
  • Empower DAOs to build real autonomous business logic and workflow

Why you can trust Taichia?

During the design of our services, we have considered how to prove or prevent the platform from doing malicious operations without the DAO's permission.
  • All Taichia services are based on the Chia blockchain. The expected or actual result of an operation can be verified by anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  • All critical operations are protected by the dual-key mechanism. This means without the DAO's signature, the platform can change any critical thing of the DAO.s.