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Taichia Liquid

Reg. Date: 2022-09-24

DAO Puzzle Hash (ID): 2e7ebf...776f0f
DAO Public Key: 899681...deae74

Governance Token

Taichia DAO (TICA)

Token Asset ID: 895d30...d236e1

Total Supply: 700,000,000 TICA

Circulating Supply: 100,000,000 TICA

Price: $ 0.02 / MarketCap: $ 14,000,000

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Permission Configs
Latest Coin ID: e7d340...66340f
Vote Required Token: 1,000,000 TICA
Vote Required Days: 1 Day
Metadata Required Token: 1,000,000 TICA
Payroll Required Token: 1,000,000 TICA


Pay DAO contributors


Pay stakeholders


Teams in the DAO

Finance (Soon!)

Finance report of the DAO


Manage metadata sets


To Provide Feedback


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Manage stakeholders

What is Taichia Liquid

Taichia Liquid is a sub DAO of the Taichia DAO Group. It will provide more liquidity to the Chia ecosystem, including but not limited to DEX, Swap Pool, and AMM.

Our missions

  • Provide liquidity to DEX such as Hashgreen, Dexie.
  • Connect the centralized world and decentralized world.


This DAO is managed by the Taichia team. Taichia team is in charge of future development and operation. The Taichia DAO stakeholders will also be the stakeholders of the Taichia Liquid. The governance token of Taichia Liquid is TICA. Stakeholders can vote for controlling the behavior of the arbitrage software.

How to Join

You need to hold TICA (Taichia governance token) to join this DAO and acquire the DAO benefits. You can get TICA from Taichia official donation projects or buy it on DEX.


The major income of this DAO is from the arbitrage between the XCH-listed centralized exchange and Chia decentralized exchanges. So far we support arbitrage between OKX <---> Hashgreen and OKX <---> Dexie.

A software will automatically complete the arbitrages between the exchanges when it satisfies the conditions. The revenue is majorly saved as stable coins like USDT or USDS. The total XCH basically doesn't change. The revenue is majorly influenced by the market trading volume and price volatility.

Income Transparency

The income dashboard of this DAO will be present at

Fund & Income Usage

This DAO is fully funded by the Taichia DAO. The assets of this DAO are in XCH, USDS, and USDT. 15% of monthly income will be reserved by the DAO for paying:

  • Hosting / AWS service fee
  • Operator salaries
  • Transaction fee oncentralized platforms (OKX, Stably, etc.)
  • Development of new features
  • Compensate the loss of the fund because of unexpected accidents

85% of monthly income will be distributed to Taichia stakeholders as an additional part of the Taichia dividend. You need to register your TICA staking address in Taichia DAO.

Risks and Notices

  • Half of the fund will be stable coins, and the other half will be XCH. The total value of the fund will be impacted by the price of the XCH.
  • Theoretically, the fund should be safe. But since we are using centralized platforms and have to deposit part of the fund on those platforms, it is possible the fund may lose because of security or other issues that happend on those platforms.
  • Because of technical limitations (e.g., creating offers), the fund has to be managed in a centralized way.
  • Taichia DAO stakeholders have the right to vote for pausing the DAO and withdrawing the fund.