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Seasons Dao

Reg. Date: 2023-05-03

DAO Puzzle Hash (ID): 7c384b...fc13a4
DAO Public Key: 999568...605dda

Governance Token

Seasons Club Coin (SCC)

Token Asset ID: ed1594...15ced2

Total Supply: 100,000,000 SCC

Circulating Supply: N/A SCC

Price: $ 0 / MarketCap: $ 0

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Permission Configs
Latest Coin ID: d7d930...d0124a
Vote Required Token: 100,000 SCC
Vote Required Days: 7 Day
Metadata Required Token: 10,000 SCC
Payroll Required Token: 100 SCC


Pay DAO contributors


Pay stakeholders


Teams in the DAO

Finance (Soon!)

Finance report of the DAO


Manage metadata sets


To Provide Feedback


To Make Decisions


Manage stakeholders

What is SeasonsDao! SeasonsDao is a decentralized organization centered around the Seasons series NFTs; Its main business includes not only NFT creation, cross chain bridge artist introduction, chain game development, AMM pool and other activities!

Organization This DAO is managed by the Seasons Club. Seasons Club is in charge of DAO development and operation. Anyone who has SCC (Seasons Club Coin) will be regarded as a Seasons Dao stakeholder. DAO stakeholders who have enough SCC can raise proposals and have additional permissions

Revenue Seasons Dao customers need to pay XCH for using various Seasons DAO services.DAO or donation project needs to pay XCH for promotion.

Fund & Income Usage

  • Salary for Seasons Club including managers and developers
  • Bill of the services and hosts
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Stakeholder dividend
  • NFTS Creator
  • Game Dev
  • Bridge

Tokenomics You are able to see the latest governance token (SCC) information on the DAO home page.

Voting Stakeholders can vote for proposals as long as they have SCC. The more SCC they have, the more weight on their votes. Stakeholder who has enough SCC can come up with new proposals.

Management Permission Stakeholder who owns enough SCC can unlock more permissions and attend the Taichia team meeting.

Trading Stakeholders can trade SCC on DEX without any limitation.

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