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Hema DAO

Reg. Date: 2022-08-09

DAO Puzzle Hash (ID): 9c0b5a...b8a562
DAO Public Key: b78f68...8b51ef

Governance Token

Hema DAO (HDT)

Token Asset ID: 3ee6ab...46e9d5

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 HDT

Circulating Supply: N/A HDT

Price: $ 0 / MarketCap: $ 0

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Permission Configs
Latest Coin ID: 0d17a2...d26739
Vote Required Token: 100,000 HDT
Vote Required Days: 1 Day
Metadata Required Token: 1,000,000 HDT
Payroll Required Token: 100,000 HDT


Pay DAO contributors


Pay stakeholders


Teams in the DAO

Finance (Soon!)

Finance report of the DAO


Manage metadata sets


To Provide Feedback


To Make Decisions


Manage stakeholders


🌱 Welcome to HemaDAO 🌱

HemaDAO Wallet: xch1zt47rmfnhrhg87354zvr9qtasn8qgqnyq9uqrh5c76xqqjrv75ks0873y6

A Community Driven Media/Education/Fund DAO

  • Chia in China media platform, include WeChat, Website, Twitter, Youtube etc.;
  • Chia Lecture Hall training course, general courses and programming courses;
  • ChiaEco Fund, help more start-up projects obtain kick start financial support in Chia Ecoshpere.

Who are we?

We are the bridge between Chia and China since June of 2021. We are firm believers and practitioners of web 3 as well as Chia lovers. We believe that on the Chia blockchain a more decentralized, secure, and scalable ecosphere can be built, allowing for more blockchain applications to be implemented.

We believe that everyone is a creator, whether art or articles; We believe that everyone is a builder, together we build better Chia; We believe that everyone is a user, Chia will make our life more fun and valuable.

Who are you?

You are free in HemaDAO. But you may choose to be a:

  • User: Learn updated News, Blogs, AMA, Tutorials, etc. Play at NFT playground;
  • Member: Paid membership can access value-added contents, votes, candidacy;
  • Volunteer:Author, translator, Mod, teacher, manager, etc. Earn $HDT/$USD;
  • Investor: Donate/invest to HemaDAO.
  • Partner: As a Chia project team/founder, you could co-operate with HemaDAO.

You can change your role anytime you want!


Decentralized, globalized, open minded, respectful of one another. We salute Code is Law. We improve it to Vote is Law. The unification of code and people is the future of DAO.

How the DAO will Survive

  1. Membership Fee;
  2. NFT Sales Profit;
  3. Treasury Investment Revenue;

Roadmap (Soon TM)

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