HemaDAO Public Donation Round 2

Start Date: 2022-12-27 10:46:42 - End Date: 2022-12-31 15:59:59
DAONo RefundNo Ceiling
Project Public Key (ID):81c8987dac...fc6a9dc4be
Donation Address:xch158lg9q...nskqxfspkm
Project Owner Address:xch1zt47rm...75ks0873y6
Please verifiy the owner address
Raised Fund
396.08 XCH
Deadline Countdown
Donation Goal
1000 XCH
Reward Token
Hema DAO (HDT)
Token Asset ID
Issued Token
9902000 HDT


🌱 HemaDAO Public Donation Round 2 🌱

HemaDAO Wallet: xch1zt47rmfnhrhg87354zvr9qtasn8qgqnyq9uqrh5c76xqqjrv75ks0873y6

A Community Driven Media/Education/Fund DAO

Donor Benifit

  • Airdrop HDT : Every 1 XCH donation, will get 25,000 HDT airdrop;
  • Airdrop GOC NFT : Every 1 XCH donation, will get 1 God of Crypto NFT SandBox;

Note: You will receive TCS right after you donation completed, but the HDT airdrop will be executed after the deadline.

Note: This project is non-refundable and will stop after the goal is reached. If you donate while the project is not IN_PROGRESS status, you will not receive HDT and lose your XCH.

Note: The token you received right after the donation is not our governance token. You can ignore them. We will airdrop the governance token HDT to the donors' wallets after the project deadline. So make sure you use the right wallet to donate.

Introduction of HemaDAO and Donation

[Visit HemaDAO Website!] (https://www.hemadao.com/index.php?m=home&c=Lists&a=index&tid=91&lang=en) 中文:(https://www.hemadao.com/index.php?m=home&c=Lists&a=index&tid=41)